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The Roman Oasis Restaurant and Bar Bar in rural Manilva, Costa del Sol
Open 7 days a week July 1st to August 31st Every evening from 7.30pm
Tel: (34) 95-289-2380 Email: romanoasis@outlook.com
The Roman Oasis Restaurant in the Manilva countryside

Why it and I are here.

Perhaps, you may think, only a lunatic would create a restaurant 36 years ago in the middle of nowhere, originally without the benefit of running water or electricity.........Absolutely right!

Born at an early age, I grew up fast in Bishop’s Stortford, England (fondly remembered as a cemetery with lights). When I entered the business world I started at the bottom selling socks in Selfridges, and, working my way up, I eventually attained a degree of success. With the monetary reward of that, and of my own free will (yes folks, I can go back to England!), I came to Spain in 1978 seeking bright lights and the ‘Dolce Vita’. Between time spent on the beach and examining the backs of my eyelids I ran a piano bar in Puerto Banús. Death being nature’s way of telling you to slow down, I decided to end the life of a night owl before it ended me.

The Roman Oasis Restaurant in the Manilva countryside Shortly after the first amicable divorce (she became a test pilot in a broom factory) I was driving through the countryside one day when I espied this land. Apart from its natural beauty I was saddened that there was no restaurant handy, and so the idea was born. I chose the name Roman Oasis because of the Roman Baths nearby and for those of you who enjoy a drink will appreciate the Oasis part. Initially we did Roman style barbeques complete with gladiators, fire eaters, knife throwers and python snakes, but the lack of skyscraper hotels in the valley and the distinct shortage of Vestal Virgins on the coast spelt financial ruin. Finding it advisable to have more customers than staff prompted me to return to the twentieth century and specialise in good food and fine wines in this superb setting.

Kaat (my very last wife I promise) is a superb chef and the love of my life and together we hope that you will enjoy everything as we would wish it and if there is anything that you need, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would be delighted to receive any compliments you may have personally, but any complaints, however, should be forwarded in a plain brown wrapper to our head office at 16 Rangoon Street, Calcutta or dropped in at any branch of MacDonald’s.