MY ROMAN OASIS by Paul Hickling General Clips
1986 Introduction and
how you got to the Roman Oasis 4.20
1986 A complete day’s events
from morning to evening 32.04
1986 The end of the last night 0.42
1986 Setting up 0.16
1986 Bosun the parrot and getting
in supplies with Juan Burgos 2.22
1986 Goats going down to the
sulphur pools and the campers 1.13
1986 overview of the Roman Oasis
through to early evening 5.48
1986 The childrens’ adventure area 0.40
1987 Arthur from candid camera
with a goat 0.49
1987 Easter Sunday featuring
new changes 6.32
1987 Customer Nigel singing
to friends 4.19
1988 The day before
the end of the season 2.43
1992 Night time in the Roman Oasis 4.03
1995 Tour of the restaurant 10.10
2007 An August night in the Roman Oasis 2.25

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